*The Roof Restoration Costs and Prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. Prices will vary depending on the type of roofing materials required, access to the roof and if any additional services are necessary. Please call us to get your free No Obligation Quote and Inspection with an EXACT price for your needs.

Roof Replacement Cost

Simple roofs with single or double pitches, easy access and average sized roofs range from between $70 – $100 per square metre.
Steep roofs, difficult site access, smaller roofs, asbestos cement roofs and remote sites range from between $120 – $140 per square metre.
In terms of material cost, concrete tiled roofs are the cheapest, followed by terracotta and then colorbond roofing. All costs include the removal and disposal of the existing roof, the work performed, materials used, and the final clean up.

Roof Painting Cost

The cost of roof painting takes into account three main factors, the preparation work, cost of materials and the labour.
Preparation – We highly recommend cleaning and repairing your roof prior to repainting it. The price of this varies greatly according to the condition of your roof. Please see our pricing guide in this article on roof cleaning price and roof repairs price.
Materials – We recommend using a primer and sealer to increase the effectiveness of the paint and increase its life span. We use Nutech paint for most roofs depending on the type of roof, this costs on average $15 per square metre.
Labour – Labour for roof painting is charged at $70 per hour.

Roof Cleaning Cost

The below costs are based on high pressure water cleaning which is the most common form of roof cleaning. Some roofs may need a chemical clean which will add a small amount to the per square metre charge.

• Metal and tin roofs cost from approximately $2.00 per square metre for cleaning only.
• Concrete Tiles cost approximately $2.20 per square metre for cleaning only.
• Terracotta Tiles costs approximately $4.40 per square metre for cleaning only.

Roof Repairs Cost

We charge a flat fee of $70 per hour for roof repairs plus materials.
A roofing specialist will charge on average approximately $40 to $90 per hour. However, the hourly rate is not always the best cost estimate to determine the work that is required to perform roof repairs. Homeowners that need more than just basic repairs or preventive maintenance are generally charged per square metre, which can approximately range from $25 to $38 on average. These are some of the factors that should be considered when determining costs for roof repair:

• Type and quality of the materials that are going to be repaired
• The ease and/or difficulty of roof access
• The complexity or pitch of the roof
• The craftsmanship and expertise of the roofing specialist
• The type of repair being performed (ex: repointing)

Rebed and point  – $45 m to $55 m
Replace broken tiles – $3 – $5 per tile for terracotta or cement tile respectively.
Fascia cover – $25 m

Gutter Guard Cost

We use standard high front gutter guard. This is approximately $25 per meter plus $70 per hour Labour.

As always we recommend contacting your roofing professional if you have any concerns with your roof. Our team is always happy to come and inspect your roof and provide you with advice.

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