Tiles are by far the most popular type of roofing material used in Australia today. Natural thermal and structural properties underpin the success of the two main varieties of roofing tile which are Terracotta and Concrete.

Restoring Terracotta Tiles

Over time terracotta tiles attract moss and can become quite soft. They retain more moisture than cement tiles and generally have a shorter lifespan than cement tiles too. They do however provide a beautiful finish and style to your home. They are very contemporary by design, and can come in a wide variety of styles including glazed and unglazed.

Restoring Cement Tiles

Cement is the other material you can consider for your tiled roof. They are strong but can still be prone to cracking due to impact from branches or other debris. The advantages of cement-tiles roofs are that they actually become stronger with age, they are resistant to lichen and are also available in a wide range of colours and styles.
When a tile roof has deteriorated it is best to re-roof with a new Terracotta or Concrete tile to retain the look of the property while gaining the technological advantages that the modern roof tile provides.

If you have an Asbestos roof we suggest re-roofing with metal roofing as the frames and trusses would not have the strength to take the weight of tiles.
You should first understand what tile roof restoration is and how it will help you. When a roof restoration is done, it will enhance the look of your house, increase the life of the roof and prevent future damages and leaks. Persistent molds, debris and dust is removed using a high pressure cleaning system. Terracotta roofs are washed using hydro-cleaning solutions to remove the unwanted stains. All misaligned tiles are put back in place and the broken or chipped tiles are replaced. Restoration may also include additional services like application of paint, flu removal and replacement of tiles.

Our Tile Roof Restoration Process Includes;

• Full Roof Inspection
• Repair all leaks and replace damaged tiles
• Re-pont and Re-bed ridge capping
• Clean roof and apply anti-fungal treatment
• Apply a coat of primer and surface sealer
• Apply 2-3 coats of coloured membrane to ensure durability and long term protection

As always we recommend contacting your roofing professional if you have any concerns with your roof. Our team is always happy to come and inspect your roof and provide you with advice.

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