What signs can I look for that will tell me my roof needs attention?

Look up and look carefully at your ceilings and your walls in each area of your house. Look for any discolouring in patches, look for damp spots or flaking plaster. From the outside if you can see your roof look for any dislodged tiles, any tiles out of place.

If you’re unsure, please call us and we’ll have one of specialists consult with you.

How do I know if my roof needs restoring?

If you are having problems with your roof such as the items mentioned above, or if your roof is looking tacky or is covered with moss & lichen, if the tiles are faded and/or broken, and the roof is reduce the visual appeal of your home then it’s worth consideration a restoration job.

Should I have my roof restored or replaced?

Our specialists will give you their best advice on this however in the end it is your decision. If your roof is beyond restoration we will let you know your options.

A restoration can be carried out at a fraction of the price of a new roof and in most cases the results are impressive. However if your roof is in need of work and you are considering a change of roof material, then a re-roof maybe the best option for you.

How much does a consultation or quote cost?

Our consultations and quotations are free.

How long does it take have a roof restored?

Generally restorations on the Central Coast can be carried out in under a week. Be aware however there are some conditions that can change this such as extremely large sized roofs or difficult to navigate roofs, bad weather, public holidays, etc. We will always try to minimise delays and inform you at the time of consultation of any issues that may cause delays.

We work with several highly talented roofers and we will select the roofer who is most available for your job and location so that your wait/lead time is as less as possible.

What are the costs associated with roof repairs, roof restorations, etc.?

Please refer to our costs page which will give you some indicative costs. Obviously each job is unique and to get a firm quote give us call.

Are your roofers licensed and insured?

Yes, of course. Each of our roofers own and operate their own roof business. All are licensed and insured as a requirement of being part of our time. Each of their businesses is properly registered and carry an ABN. Please feel free to ask for licenses and registrations when our roofers are consulting with you.

We are happy to answer any other queries you have – give us a call or send us an email.

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