Roof Restoration Central Coast is proudly an accredited Industrial Roof Coatings applicator thus enabling our team to provide a 15-year product warranty.

Industrial Roof Coatings have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of roof coatings which are manufactured locally in the Gold Coast. The range of roof coatings have been developed to produce the thickest roof membrane and glossiest finish on the market.

By following the Industrial Roof Coatings system, our team at Roof Restoration Central Coast can back their work with the industry’s leading 15-year warranty.

The 15-Year Warranty Roof Restoration Process

It’s a simple 4-coat system that can only be carried out by an accredited Industrial Roof Coatings applicator (that’s our team) which gives the 15-year warranty.

The 4-coat system comprises of;

  1. A coat of Roof Protect High Build Primer / Sealer
  2. Two coats of Roof Protect Roofing Membrane
  3. And a final coat of Nano Protect Clear Glaze.

Combining this patented 4-coat system with our Roof Restoration process results in an amazing looking roof. (Learn more about our roof restoration process on our Roof Restoration page.)


The Industrial Roof Coatings come in a variety of colours and the Roof Protect Roof Membrane can be mixed to match any colour. Ask about our colour selection when our team comes onsite for your free inspection and you can see the sample colours.

To get an idea or sample of colours, you can visit the colours page on the Industrial Roof Coatings website;